Welcome to Greensboro Adventure Boot Camp, the most motivational, inspiring, results-driven, and FUN workout in the city of Greensboro!

First, we want to say thank you for becoming a new member of Greensboro Adventure Boot Camp! The most important thing we value is our boot campers, and helping them get results, not only for the short term, but for the long haul.

If you have recently purchased an awesome daily Groupon deal and are looking to schedule your registration appointment then you are in the right place!


Please follow the instructions below so that you can get started with boot camp as quickly as possible.

Step 1 –

When do you want to start?

Below is the 2014 camp calender…  Our boot camps go year round and we’ve made it easy for you to start. You can start whenever you’re ready as long as we space in the classes.

If you purchased a 14 or 21 day Groupon deal you will have unlimited access to all 11-camp weekly sessions for either 14 or 21 days from the first day of the new camp starting.

You’ll need to schedule a registration by phone 336-202-2082 or by sending an email to to set up your registration.

Please arrive on time to your registration and please wear or bring workout clothing so we can get the most accurate body measurements to start your body transformation.

Registrations are held at Studio Fitness located at 406 Boxwood Drive, Greensboro 27410.

**Please note that Studio Fitness is located in a residential area beside the owner’s home.  Park in drive way or along the side of the street in the gravel area. **

  1. January 13 > February 7th
  2. February 10 > March 7th
  3. March 10th > April 4th
  4. April 7th > May 2nd
  5. May 5th > May 30th
  6. June 2nd > June 27th
  7. June 30th > July 25th
  8. July 28 > August 22
  9. August 25 > September 19th
  10. September 22nd > October 17th
  11. October 20th > November 14th
  12. November 17 > December 12th
  13. December 15th > January 9th 2015

**Remember your Groupon Deal is valid for 90 days**

Step 2 –

Create an online free membership…

To create your free online class membership simply click here and follow the directions. (Make sure to set your “status” to the “21 Day Groupon” so you’ll start receiving important workout video’s to watch before attending your first workout session.

Step 3

“Book” Classes –

You have 11 times to choose from and may attend as many as you like.  You must book all of the classes you plan to attend online in advance.  Simply <<Click Here>> and use your username and password you created when setting up your membership.  **Make sure your booked in a future camp start date (within 90 days out)…NOT a camp that has already started.**

  • 5:30 AM Monday through Friday 5 Days per week
  • 4:45 PM Monday, Wednesday and Thursday
  • 6:00 PM Monday, Wednesday and Thursday
  • 9:30 AM Saturday Full Body, Circuit, HITT Workouts (This bonus class is FREE to all current clients)

Class Cancellation Policy

If you cannot make your class, you must cancel online 2 hours in advance of class start time.


As a Groupon member you have an amazing opportunity right now to experience these results for yourself at an amazing savings! According to our data, 74% of new members that complete their trial with us end up joining as full members. If they’re serious enough to want to finish their trial with us, they know we’re the only place to get results. I hope that after your trial, you feel the same way too.

We hope this puts into perspective the value and benefits of Greensboro Adventure Boot Camp and you see how valuable this opportunity truly is! If this is something that you are ready to do, then simply follow the steps to get registered for the next available appointment. We truly look forward to seeing you, getting to know you,and most importantly, getting you fantastic results!

At your registration appointment we will discuss your goals, you’ll find out what you need for class, and we’ll set up your first class date and location. Please bring a PRINTED copy of your voucher with you to your appointment.

IMPORTANT: All registration appointments occur at: Greensboro Adventure Boot Camp, 406 Boxwood Drive, Greensboro, NC 27410.

PRINT your voucher and bring a copy to your appointment. Not doing
so may delay your ability to start classes, so please print a copy
ahead of time and bring it with you. If you are using your mobile
device please double check your login info ahead of time so that you
can quickly log in to the appropriate app.

ATTEND your registration session at: Studio Fitness, 406 Boxwood
Drive, Greensboro, NC 27410. Please arrive no more than 5 minutes
early to scheduled appointment.

Consider your true fitness goals and what you want to achieve, and
not just pounds on the scale. Think of the REAL reasons you are
wanting to get fit, whether it is to gain confidence, lose pants
sizes, keep up with your kids, or look good in your swimming suit.
Having a tangible goal will help us help YOU.

Get ready to rock it!

Do us a huge favor and try to email us with issues related to
registration. General questions about the boot camp will be answered
at the registration session and most questions can be answered by
visiting the website and checking out our Frequently Asked Questions

We are extremely busy helping clients in various ways and your fastest
way to get something resolved is by emailing Brett at

IMPORTANT NOTE – For liability reasons, if you show up to classes and
HAVE NOT attended your registration session, you WILL NOT BE ABLE TO START and will be directed by our trainers to schedule your
registration session.

Please be considerate to the current class members and refrain from
arguing with the trainers about this, as they are only trying to do
what they are told and we are ALL trying to keep you SAFE – it is very
important to us to have a safe, healthy, and fun boot camp

You have made an awesome first step towards achieving your fitness
goals!! We know you are going to rock it and get fantastic results! We
look forward to meeting you at your appointment, and helping you to
reach your fitness goals!!

To your health,

Greensboro Adventure Boot Camp

PS: Sorry we don’t have child care so you will need to make
arrangements that best fit your schedule.