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You see, up until about 2011, I never truly believed in supplements.  Not until I started doing my own research like listening to Mike Mahlers Hormone Optimization program (listed below) did I start understand why repleting the micro nutrients in my body played such a huge role in keeping me healthy and strong.

The human body requires a certain amount of Macro and Miro nutrients to fight off disease and to maintain overall sound health.

The creators of BioTrust have created some amazing products.  They created the products after years of research and having lived with same pains and frustrations most people live with like trying to lose weight and stay healthy.   Burning fat and building is a chemical thing…Chemicals {aka} Hormones.

Bio Trust

bio trust



E3Live is one of the healthiest supplements you can put in your body with 64 chelated vitamins and minerals will protect your body at the cellular level. I truly believe in this product.

Recovery Oil


Recovery Oil "This supplement is amazing...the best delivery system on the market" Brett Ray

Recovery Oil
“This supplement is amazing…the best delivery system on the market” Brett Ray

Recovery Oil has been a big help with optimizing my hormones and speeding up my recovery between workouts.

Most people are Magnesium and Zinc deficient. And people that do more need more! I rub this onto my dry clean skin after showering: stomach, chest, shoulders, legs and glutes.

The delivery system is transdermal and goes directly into the blood stream by passing my GI tract. Best delivery system on the market.

Magnesium and Zinc are major players in the conversion of good cholesterol into the sex hormones testosterone and estrogen.

Having am optimized testosterone level promotes the healing and faster recovery from serious workouts and training that ultimately lead to more muscle tone, shape, tone and strength.

Don’t be fooled into buying the cheapest supplement products out there as you will usually get what you pay for.

My thoughts on taking high quality supplements are that I’m actually putting high quality food into my body.

Optimizing Hormones


The Importance of Optimizing Hormones

Mike Mahler’s program on hormone optimization taught me more than any other resource in my career in fitness and helping my clients achieve their own body composition goals. Great information that I highly recommend to everyone. The more you learn about your endocrinology the healthier choices you will make.



Everyone should have this simple workout tool in their gym bag. The Gymboss will make your workouts rock…burning more calories by keeping your heart rate high. I personally use the Gymboss in all my workouts for High Intensity Training (HIT), keeping track of time rest between heavy strengths sets and interval cardio training!

Perform Better

Perform Better is a great site for buying home workout gear of all types as well as the foam rollers. Foam Rollers are great for massaging sore body parts. I love using a Foam Roller before and after my workouts.

Truth About Abs


truth about abs

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