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  • No weight loss?
  • Seeing no permanent changes in the mirror?
  • Feeling drained of energy?
  • Yo-Yo dieting with no results?
  • Looking at a pair of “skinny” jeans with no hope of fitting into them?

Why Greensboro Adventure Boot Camp?

The Adventure Boot Camp program is the #1 weight loss fitness system in the world boasting the most body transformations globally

Follow our proven Fitness Formula Blueprint of fun, body shaping workouts and customized meal plans specific to your individual needs. They are guaranteed to give you the total body makeover you’ve been looking for.


Ale’ lost 20 lbs. in one Adventure Bootcamp

Hear Karen P’s fitness success story in her early 60’s

weightloss-image“This fitness and weight loss program is honestly the best gift I have given myself. It is motivating, stimulating and challenging… everything my old routine lacked. It jump starts my day and I have met a wonderful group of women from all walks of life. I receive dedicated personal instruction – I lost 18 lbs in 9 weeks… I couldn’t ask for anything more in an exercise program. You need to do this for yourself.” -Kristin Daniels

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What is Greensboro Adventure Bootcamp

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tiffanyTiffany’s Wedding Day
My mission was to look and feel my best on my weeding day!

Isn’t that every girl’s dream? At our initial meeting Brett’s enthusiasm and drive helped me to regain focus not only with my physical goals, but with other aspects of life as well.

Feel and look beautiful on your big day by training with the Greensboro Adventure Bootcamp!

-Tiffany Spach


Burn Fat AND Get Fit

Burn Fat AND Get Fit

Burn Fat AND Get Fit

Greensboro Adventure Bootcamp

Cindy Baggett lost 25 lbs…


“Unlike the big franchise gyms you’ll never feel out of place or have to deal with waiting to use equipment. Best of all, at Greensboro Adventure Boot Camp we’ll never scream or yell at you… You’ll be treated with respect!” -Cindy Baggett


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